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The gallery of the Foundation

by Fundación Amalio

Through all these years as a museum, we’ve had the opportunity to welcome many artists that want to showcase their work at the gallery. We want to be a place where people can express themselves through their painting, music, writing or poetry. Our contribution to the artists is to  work together with the foundation team to communicate, organize and create this events.

On this line, we have hosted music concerts, presentations of books, conferences, poetry recitals, and temporary exhibitions of paintings.

In the gallery of Foundation Amalio , you will find paintings for sale; we have a curated selection of work not only of Amalio and his daughter María José García del Moral, but of the artists that are currently exhibiting.

María José García del Moral available paintings:




Amalio García del Moral available paintings:



One of the things that we feel proud of, is the different approach of the gallery, as also being a museum on the upper floors, is that it gives you a whole experience to appreciate art, have a moment while smelling the azahar flower of the Doña Elvira Square, or looking at the amazing views of the Giralda tower, at Barrio de Santa Cruz.

We believe that art is not only meant to enjoy with the eyes, but with all our senses, that is why we created one of our most popular activities in the museum “Seeing without watching”.

Discover this and other activities here.