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“So that my work endures and does not get dispersed” (Amalio).

On February 3rd, 1995 (eight days before his death), Amalio himself constituted the Foundation, inscribed with the number A34-SE19, and established its principal location at the house number seven of Doña Elvira Square in Seville, in the very heart of Santa Cruz neighborhood, that had been the studio of the painter.

The main object and purpose of the foundation is the promotion, diffusion, and cultivation of the pictorial and literary legacy of Amalio, as well as the study of Painting and the other types of Arts.

The museum houses most of Amalio’s work, as well as the collection that he donated, and that is the patrimony of the Foundation, called “The 365 views of the Giralda”. Chronologically, the first Giralda was painted in 1962 and the last one just one year before his death. These pieces of art are composed of pictorial interpretations that try to capture the time, day, and season in which they were created. The collection is composed of paintings, drawings, engravings, morphisms, touch-paintings, and sculptures.

When climbing the stairs to each of the floors of the building, the visitors manage to forget about the outside world thanks to the view of the tower, and they can get to know the atmosphere in which the painter made a large part of the collection.

On the façade of the house-museum, next to a ceramic reproduction of the painting number 158 of the collection entitled “Structure”, one can read a phrase of Amalio that says:

“Amalio has given this house to the Giralda to posses her”.

This inscription is written in the three languages that represent the three cultures that coexisted in Andalusia for centuries: the Christian, the Arabian and the Hebrew. With this legend, Amalio wanted to symbolize the tolerance that must always exist between people and between the different ideologies.

The artistic legacy of the creator is what makes him perennial, timeless, and makes him become part of the history as a witness of his unrepeatable and unique time.

Currently, the Foundation is in charge of María José García del Moral Mora, daughter of the artist, and Manuel Caballero Calavia, achieving the fulfillment of the objectives established by Amalio.

We must highlight the agreements with universities and international cultural institutions so that their undergraduate and master students can carry out their practices, allowing them to know the working methodology of the museum while getting involved in a cultural environment.

The Foundation is a centre that embraces all the people with artistic concerns, (volunteering is an important part of our activities) as they get involve in human relationships and cultural investigation concerning art.

The museum is a non-profit association that is why it always invites and appreciates the donations that help it to achieve the objectives.


  • Guided tours: we must highlight the so-called “seeing without watching”, or sensory visit, in which a mask is placed on the eyes so that the other senses (hearing, touch, smell, and taste) are the ones that paint in the imagination what should be observed with the eyes. And to conclude every tour, people can enjoy a glass of orange wine before a unique panoramic view from the terrace.
  • Amalian Route: a walk through the places of the city from which Amalio painted the Giralda.
  • Meetings, courses and, seminars.
  • Promotion of the paintings of Amalio through their publication on printed media.
  • Permanent exhibitions by Amalio and temporary exhibitions by other artists.
  • Concerts
  • Theater plays.

Nowadays, those of us who remain in the gap and believe in the eternal values feeding Art and giving it a full sense: I am talking about the universality that allows artists to address any kind of idea, impression, and, more importantly, feelings. A work of art reaches any person with a minimum of sensitivity, any inhabitant of any place in the world, and, even more, it will not let anyone indifferent.

On February 11th, 1995 AMALIO died.

            The PAINTER was gone, but his PAINTINGS remain.

            The POET was gone, but his POETRY remains.

            The HUMAN was gone, but his HUMANITY remains.

            The ANDALUSIAN was gone, but his ANDALUSIA remains.


Manuel Gregorio Caballero Calavia

T. +34 686 301 885

María José García del Moral

T. +34 639 561 288


The Foundation accepts donations in order to remain open to the public, to carry out cultural activities and to restore art pieces in need. Keeping in mind that it is a non-profit organization, those donations have fiscal advantages  introduced by the Ley 27/2014,  27th  of November, del Impuesto sobre Sociedades (that became effective on January 1st, 2015), after modifying  the Ley 49/2002, 23rd of December, de Régimen Fiscal de las Entidades sin Fines Lucrativos y de los Incentivos Fiscales al Mecenazgo.

The donors, if wanted, can obtain the pertinent certificate.

The donations can be made through bank transfers or deposits. The bank account is BANKIA: ES24 2038 7874 8860 0023 5885. Subject: Donation + Name and Surname.

Another option is through Paypal: