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Amalio’s Material Expresionism

After de Second World War, the socioeconomic and political outlook together with hunger and poverty modified the artistic development.

At the end of the 40s, the Expressionism takes place. It is a pictorial trend inside the Informalism, a movement that promotes abstract, gestural and spontaneous tendencies. It is a new period of avant-gardes connected with the modernity and progress.

Predetermined forms and constructions are rejected. They search the expression through a mixture of colors and non-traditional materials such as sawdust, plaster, etc. and cuts and drillings are frequent in order to degrade part of the work.

This trend arrives in Spain in the 1950s, being Madrid and Barcelona its main focuses. AMALIO joins this movement very quickly, but he goes further on because inside the time being of abstract creations, he discloses figures such as the Giralda tower, obsessive icon that marks a great amount of his work.